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Okay, Jen who?

Just a little FLASHBACK...

Jen Someone has always loved music and singing. She was once given an Annie award during a camp she intended and the described her this way..." If life could be a would be Jen " Jen used to be very involved in theatre but she found her true calling when she picked up her old guitar that she got when she was ten and decided to give it another shot. With the knowledge of only three chords, Jen's first song was birthed. And throughout her years it kept pouring out like water. There she was with alot of songs but always "too busy with education" to pursue anything with it. That all changed when she attended a class in school called CREATIVE PROCESS. There she was to face her frustration of breaking into the music scene-and that she did. With the help of so many supportive family and friends Jen in the span of 5 weeks(she was on a deadline for class) recorded a five song demo. She is now currently doing gigs and working with other artists and musicians who believe in using their talents and gifts for a higher purpose. So is her last name really Someone? --- you figure it out!

Jen singing at the age of 4 (taken from former band's website)